Logo Design using Adobe Illustrator and Golden Rule

Logo Design – what it’s about?

A meaning of logotype and what it does.

Let us break the mystery behind logo design. By the Wikipedia, a logotype is a compound word of a logo (from Greek: logos) and type (typos) which means word imprint. If to be more specific its a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations, and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. But if we would look at it in simple words, logotype or logo is a word, symbol or sometimes combination of both imprinted in our client subconscious mind. It’s a symbol in any way by which potential clients remember what your company is and what it provides.


Logo Design – magic-makers.

There is a lot of designers like there are people who call them self a designer. The difference is that a real designer knows his strong side (like logo design or he is best with layout etc.) an imposter says he can do anything and he’s good at anything, but when a client asks to do him logo he sends him a JPG image and Photoshop PSD file.  So that guy or girl who makes a logo is called a Logo Designer.

Sometimes at TrainedPixels, we encounter clients who think that logo is a simply beautiful picture with their company name and some graphics. And it’s not true. A logo is a Vector image carefully crafted to match your company provided services or products. A Logo Designer must make research and figure out how to put your company on a spot above all your competitors. How to make it feel and look comfortable and momentous to your clients. Also, he must know graphic design and logo design fundamentals, newest trends in its industry and minimum one software program.

My advice would be – be more patient and more respectful to your designer and the work he is doing. He is holding your companies future in his hands for god-sakes! And don’t forget to tip.


Golden Rule and how Graphic Designers use it.

Golden Rule in other hands a Golden Ratio is a tiling with squares whose side lengths are successive Fibonacci numbers. This sounds really confusing I know but if you get to use it, it gets really simple. So how that Golden Rule looks like?

And this is how our designers at TrainedPixels use it to create a logo. Enjoy and Subscribe!

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