Professional Photo Retouching Tutorial using Adobe Photoshop

Why it’s important for business or self-promotion to have professionally retouched photos?

Today there’s a ton of the third party plug-ins who can “retouch” your photos in glamorous ways. One thing – is it really natural looking? From my experience, every single easy way to retouch a photo comes to unnatural plastic skin, blurred sides between hair, eyes, and lips. Unnatural eyes with no life in them.

Professional Photo Retouching uses light to smooth skin in other words we are painting in the light and shadows by reducing shadow and highlight cast on face and body. This way photo doesn’t loose any natural feeling if we apply all the effects correctly photo looks and feels more alive.

How to make professional retouch if you never used Photoshop?

If you never laid hands on Photoshop it will be harder for you to make this effect and time consuming, but worth it. On another hand, you can learn the basics anywhere on the web. But most importantly you can learn professional retouch technique through our new video tutorial:



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