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These days everyone who has a computer is designers or programmers, everyone who has a camera – photographers. TrainedPixels stand outs from the crowd by delivering only best possible and latest trends corresponding design, UI and UX solutions.

This way all your website solutions will be measured by the best practices and latest industry trends in both code and design.

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The company is young both by heart and by the time it is launched. So we tend to care more for our clients, respond much quicker and make more effort to make things happen.

We are the business, we love what we do so that said we don’t count working hours. In this case, you will get quick responses and fast solutions delivered.


                 dominate don’t compete



The main mistake lot of business and individuals do, they tend to compete with each other. TrainedPixels main goal is to deliver the best design and user experience solutions when it comes to web design. But the far most important thing is to lead their clients to the domination of their sector.

What we can promise is that with our services delivered, you will have not 1 or 2 but 5 steps ahead of your competitors.

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    building with  WordPress CMS

    advantages | overview | statistics

    Customizable Designs

    SEO Friendly

    Responsive Mobile Sites

    High Performance

    High Security

    Powerful Media Management

    Easy and Accessible

    Manage on the Go

    iOS and Android Apps available

    Million users chosen WordPress to power their websites.

    28% of the web uses WordPress

    From hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online.


    Plugins to help your website meet your needs

    plan of action

    how we make your website

    TrainedPixels Web design services INFORMATION GATHERING image

    Information Gathering

    Get the clear understanding of future website purposes, the main goals and the target audience you want to attract to your site.

    TrainedPixels Web design services PLANNING image


    At this stage, sitemap allows understanding how the inner structure of a website looks like but doesn’t describe the user interface. At this stage we are creating sitemap, logical alignment of all elements, adopting user experience.

    TrainedPixels Web design services DESIGN image


    The primary function of the layout is to represent the information structure, visualize the content, and demonstrate the basic functional. We will create colorful page layouts. Review the layouts. Get feedback from you. Change layouts when requered.

    TrainedPixels Web design services CONTENT WRITING AND ASSEMBLY image

    Content writing and assembly

    Get content ready for migration or write a new one. It is better when all website content is provided before or during website coding.

    TrainedPixels Web design services CODING image


    Graphic elements that have been designed during the previous stages will be used to create an actual website. Usually, the home page is created first, and then all sub-pages are added, according to the website hierarchy that was previously created in the form of a sitemap. Frameworks and CMS will be implemented to make sure that server can handle the installation and set-up smoothly. Then, special features and interactivity will be added. Last the optimization of website elements ( e.g., title, description, keyword) that can help your site achieve higher rankings in the search engines.

    TrainedPixels Web design services TESTING AND REVIEW image

    Testing and Review

    Every single link will be tested to make sure that there are no broken ones among them. Every form, every script, run a spell-checking software to find possible typos. Use code validators to check if code follows the current web standards.

    TrainedPixels Web design services LAUNCH image


    After deploying to a server, we will run another, final test to be sure that all files have been installed correctly and launch the website.

    TrainedPixels Web design services MAINTENANCE AND REGULAR UPDATING image

    Maintenance and Regular Updating

    The highest priority task, in this case, is to fix the problem as fast as we can (ASAP). The other important thing is keeping the website up to date, regular CMS and plugin updates will prevent from bugs and decrease security risks.

    quality assurance processes

    Website testing are made on Windows and MacOs computers with Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera browsers. Also on Windows, Android and iOS Mobile devices.

    • Accuracy to Original Design

      Compare the original design that was approved to the end product to ensure that the coded version is true to the original design. Are the font styles right? Do bulleted lists look the way you expected them to look? etc.

    • Images

      Check for any discoloration or distortion in images, make sure images look the way they should and have aesthetically pleasing spacing around them.

    • Content

      Check that all of the pages that are needed are deployed and that all have proper grammar, spelling etc.

    • Menus and Links

      Check any possible link there is on the website, make sure every one of them points correctly and opens the way they should.

    • Email Forms

      Check every form to make sure all of the fields are correct and working well. Check email for the results to ensure that it is actually getting the submission that the form is supposed to send.

    • Browser Check

      Website will be tested for resposivnes and any crashes, glitches on multiple browsers including Windows and OSX systems also multiple mobile devices.

    • Privacy Policy

      Check if there are all needed Policies on the site.

    • Additional Testing

      Test all plugins that they would perform the way they should. If there will be any third party payment gateways, test them as well by making test purchases.

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