Website or Webcrap? How to choose a Designer

Website or Webcrap? Same as to be or not to be for business.

We all know photo bombs, spoilers etc. But when it comes to websites and web design I could say that not all can tell the difference between crapy design and modern high-end design. Now I know everybody can agree that they are different in any way possible but I think a majority would say that the crapy one is the supernova, quantum, sh**ing rainbows great design. This phenomenon occurs for a few reasons:

  • No taste;
  • Age;
  • Lack of knowledge.

Now with first two, there’s no point even to get talking… The third kind, this post is about you!

Why you need a designer?

First and simple thing, you don’t know how to use Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign. Second, because you know they “know” how to make things pretty and third one because you believe in their super powers. The last one is the least reason anybody chooses a designer, I know its harsh but its true instead it should be the first reason you choose to seek designers help. A lot of clients think they know the best and their taste matters the most but what they forget that the business they are building is for their clients and the client is the key spectator. If this understanding would be from the start (before reaching to a designer) it would be much easier to communicate with each other.

Back to the top.

Firs believe in your designer if you chose him. How to choose one I pointed in “From Logo to Favicon design”.

For this example, I had to use my own design and clients old website because I don’t want to offend anyone. In examples below, you will see the old website and a remake. The old one was decades away from the possibilities and design today offered. A new one is much lighter both in color and its functionality, many users friendlier and modern.

[av_slideshow_accordion slide_type=’image-based’ link=’category’ items=’5′ offset=’0′ size=’featured’ autoplay=’false’ interval=’5′ title=’active’ accordion_align=” custom_title_size=” custom_excerpt_size=”]
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[av_slide_accordion id=’141′][/av_slide_accordion]

I would suggest and encourage future clients, first to look trough portfolios of designers. Search not for a horde of work examples but for real eye catching designs. You should want to go more minimal, more refined solutions don’t forget website is for your customers not for you so they have to easily find what they came for. Also, don’t crowd your website the faster it loads the better. And for conclusion don’t go for deals such as “I can make you a professional website for just 100$”, it won’t be professional and it will look like crap. A designer should sell you not a website but a solution, your business identity.

If you have any questions regarding graphic or web design, SEO or social media marketing, feel free to CONTACT US and check out our PORTFOLIO.

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